1718 is a fun, flexible warm-up exercise that encourages participants use their creativity to break down a complex modern concept and reframe it using simple visual metaphors.

What It's Best For

  • Priming Teams for Creative Problem Solving Activities
  • Communicating Complex Ideas

Time Required

  • 10 mins10 mins

Required Materials

  • Blank Sheet of Paper
  • Sharpie or Pen


  • Remote or In-person

Ideal Group Size

  • AnyAny

How to facilitate:

  1. Hand everyone participating a blank sheet of paper and a sharpie
  2. Give the prompt to the group: You just met someone from the year 1718. In 2 minutes, illustrate and explain to them what “the internet” is.
  3. Have each person present their explanation to the group. You can also choose to do the exercise in pairs and have each person take turns presenting to one another.
  4. Want to do another round? Try replacing ?the internet? with other modern day concepts like websites or car insurance!



The Takeaway:

Whether we’re trying to teach others new concepts, deliver a winning pitch, or figure out effective messaging/marketing strategies, the simplest metaphors and analogies can go a long way to explain even the most complex ideas to anyone.

1718 out in the wild.

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